JetPack 4.1ΒΆ

JetPack 4.1 is provided by NVIDIA to do development for the Jetson Xavier. This section allows you to get started with Jetpack 4.1. Provides you the information of what is included in the package, a description of each of its components and how to use them for your developments.

  • Getting Started section is a simple guide to get your Xavier up and running.
  • Components section explores what is inside JetPack 4.1, and provides a guide to the examples available for each component.
  • Compiling Source Code section is a guide to compile JetPack 4.1 from source.
  • Flashing the Board from Cmdline section is a guide to flash the board with command line instead of the install GUI.
  • Performance Tuning section is a guide to configure and evaluate performance and power consumption on the Xavier.